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Celiac Disease

Diet & Nutrition

CDHNF has created a booklet to help prevent newly diagnosed celiac patients and their families from experiencing “Celiac Meltdown”. The booklet below is a starter guide that will help you through the initial days of the gluten free life style and id designed to help you and your family manage the emotional stress that you may be feeling at this time.

The most important first step is to work with your physician and a knowledgeable registered dietician (RD) who will review the gluten free diet and any other specific nutritional needs of your child. In addition the registered dietician will be able to help you contact local support groups and direct you to reliable web sites like this one. The booklet covers in some detail

1. Where Gluten is found
2. Overlooked sources of Gluten
3. What the patient can eat
4. Food labeling laws
5. Oats
6. How to start the diet
7. A shopping list and how to shop
8. Food preparation
9. Eating out
10. Vitamin supplements
11. Family testing and support
And other topics

Download the Gluten Free Diet Guide
 Download the Spanish version of The Gluten Free DIet Guide

Celiac Disease is an education campaign on Pediatric Celiac Disease by the Children's Digestive Health & Nutrition Foundation.

Visit our for more information on Kids IBD and Pediatric GERD.

Educational support for the CDHNF Pediatric Education Campaign was provided by sponsors University of Maryland Center for Celiac Research and Prometheus Therapuetics and Diagnostics.